Download The New Mixtape from KH “VIVA” HERE! [MIXTAPE]

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In the Pittsburgh Music scene its hard press to come across a person that does not know about KH. The Hazelwood resident has been making noise in the Burgh Music streets for quite some time. He put out his first mixtape “Teen Wolf” back in 2011 and followed up with “Way Too Live” in 2012. KH took some time off to do some shows, features, and local interviews on various shows. The first single “Twenties” featuring Courtney Noelle of Taylor Gang, caught radio play on WAMO 100. KH also is apart of the growing compilation of rappers and entrepreneurs Mo’ $crill. Mostly comprised of friends and like minded individuals. KH has not forgotten where has came from. The new mixtape is loaded with talented producers Ricky P and Sledgren from Taylor Gang. The tape also features, Pittsburgh’s Own Wiz Khalifa, Mo’$crill members Bundy and Truely_AP, FTR Drama also lends a feature. You can download the tape below or head over to

KH – VIVA (Hosted by Dj CapCom)


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