#PrezNews | Trick Daddy’s New Gang May Get A Reality Show?

trick_daddy Nowadays we are learning a lot about our favorite Miami rapper Trick Daddy. Not only does Trick love the kids he also has an incredible love for “Eating A Booty.” So much that he has a GANG (Eat A Booty Gang). It sounds awfully familiar to the Boondocks Episode with ‘Eat A Booty Warrior’. Trick Daddy has always been rather outspoken about his life and his sexual exploits. Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) had an interview with DJ Vlad where he express his thoughts on Trick Daddy’s new found ‘GANG’

All this infatuation with the a– and the a–hole and having heterosexual men obsess with the a–hole is priming you for something else.

Lord Jamar goes on to explain in depth what Sodomy is. Needless to say Lord Jamar will not be joining the gang anytime soon. In other shock and aww news Trick Daddy is in talks of a new reality show. Yes! The news broke like wildfire and let’s be honest he can’t do any worse than what is already on TV. So all this EataBootyGang talk must have stirred the television powers that be and prompted for a broad meeting to discuss this reality show. We will keep you informed on all news as it flows in.




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