Shelle Knows: Beyonce Shut Down The VMA’s In Style

wpid-1408936894.jpgLet’s talk about how nice Beyonce was for letting the VMA’s host her concert because that is basically what this year’s VMA’s was based around. From the commercials to the media leading up to Beyonce’s performance, the whole night was based on what Beyonce had in store for her fans.

And let me tell you, Beyonce did not disappoint.

Beyonce was awarded with this year Vangaurd award, which is an award on behalf of Michael Jackson. This is the biggest award at the VMA’s and only the best will receive it. Beyonce put on an outstanding performance that left any haters in silence and every fan in amazement. She opened up her 18 minute performance with a live art piece with herself included. She then did a segment from each song off of her self-titled album Beyonce that she released surprisingly in December 2013. Every second of her performance was captivating as she danced and sang in her reflecting leotard.wpid-1408936898.jpg

She started off with her slow melodies and then got into her up tempo grimey as some may describe type songs. They even showed her daughter, Blue Ivy, doing some of her mother’s moves to Flawless as Jay Z seemed surprised as well. She ended the show giving a tribute to Blue Ivy and tears streamed as Blue and Jay Z walked up on stage. They both presented Beyonce with the Vangaurd award with Jay Z saying “this award goes to the best entertainer alive” and Blue Ivy chiming in saying “mommy.”

wpid-1408936513.jpgAt this moment Beyonce hugged and kissed her family as she thanked God, family and fans.

That moment at the VMA’s crushed every rumor and hearsay about whatever was being said about the Carter’s.

Below are some pictures from the greatest entertainer alive.

wpid-1408936904.jpg wpid-1408936885.jpgwpid-1408938258.jpgwpid-1408936702.jpgwpid-1408936940.jpgwpid-1408936957.jpgwpid-1408940257.jpg





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