Shelle Knows: Suge Knight Is To Make Full Recovery

Suge Knight getting into the police car after being shot 6 times

As reported, on Sunday morning at 1:30, Suge Knight was shot multiple times during a Chris Brown’s VMA Party in Hollywood. Prior to the shooting witness say that The Game showed up with his entourage and was turned away. Some of the member stayed behind but The Game himself left. They also reported that Chris Brown was in the party throwing up games signs. This is all being said because allegedly Suge Chris and The Game are all affiliated to a gang and may be the reason for the shootout.

I am not sure if those are grounds for the shooting being that Suge Knight has been a large target for year now.

Reports say that Suge Knight was shot once in the arm and six times in the stomach but still managed to walk himself into the police car to wait for the ambulance.

Yes, he was shot six times and still had enough power to get into the police car himself. Talk about having 9 lives because he has been shot multiple times before.

The doctors said that 3 of the 6 bullets went straight through and was able to remove the remaining 3 from his body.

Suge Knight is in the ICU but is said to make a full recovery.


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