#OffTheRip | What Happens When You Mix Pop Culture and Mafioso Rap? (REVIEW) [@uhhuhLuke_O]


Luke-O of the Moola Gang Cash Cows is by far one of the most confident and professional artists we’ve come across. Confident enough to call himself the Lacoste Boss and professional enough to have the resume` to back up the nickname. Having an Uncle who was deep into the fashion scene benefited Luke-O even before he could crawl.

My Uncle went to NYC and brought that LaCoste swag to the county and we had a 60% discount on the gear in his store.  So we were swaggin early.  Luke-O adds,

I feel like I could help brands like LaCoste in certain areas. I’m not just saying that to stunt but because there are opportunities out here.


The cover art to the mixtape is an actual picture of Luke-O as a baby draped in a LaCoste onesie. If that’s not swaggin than what is swaggin? The LaCoste runs deep within Luke-O bloodstream its also his last name. “Lucostic” although spelled different but pronounced in certain circles its sounds the same. In the track “Cows & Crocodiles: Crocodile Rock” Luke-O pays homage to the Earth, Wind & Fire and Elton John sample with fashion based verses. Producers Louie & Kilz did an awesome job capturing the scene in this track.

Them other kids wasn’t swaggin like us, they still ain’t swaggin like us! What you got on bruh?!

Luke-O doesn’t just concern himself with fashion and swaggin over Kilz beats. He is focused on building the culture as a whole and progressing into different areas. Putting on for his county is very important to him. As we talked about the area he was from Luke-O cracked a humble smile and states “I got nothing but love for my county and everyone there.” Allhiphop.com took notice to the Bo$$ when he dropped “Main Street Pt.II”. Luke-O states,

It was crazy how it happen. The guy that posted the video followed me and DM’d me to tell me he f**ked with the song. We look at AllHipHop.com like mentors and Vets in this entertainment business. So it was a huge honor to be on the site.


The Fayette County spitta brings along his brethren Pyrex Pre$$, Young B and new-comer Gunner as the only features on this 12-track mixtape. Pyrex Pre$$ drops his signature lifestyle bars on “All This Money” & “I Got Money Now”. The video for “All This Money” was shot & directed by Rex Arrow. Another person Luke-O has networked with during career. From opening up shows for Mac Miller and The Come Up Boys in Europe Rex took notice of the Moola Gang professionalism.


It’s a blessing to have a guy like Rex Arrows who did videos for Mac Miller to hit us up to do a video. Plus to be a supporter and a fan. That is very rare these days. So its definitely a blessing.

The new-comer Gunner really caught my ear on the hustling anthem “24-7”. Luke-O was proud to talk about his amigo that seldomly puts out music. The talent is something to definitely check for.

Uh huh! Gunner got a catalog. He definitely somebody who I respect like a brother and he got them bars.

LaCoste Bo$$ is a dope collection of music and a great way to reintroduce Luke-O to the masses. That was definitely one thing he wanted make sure the fans and listeners to understand.”I feel like I have to reintroduce myself as a rapper,” Luke-O replies and he understands he has to hit the streets and get his name out in the city. By passing this mixtape is a L in the stat book. Luke-O is one of those talents that will definitely sneak up on your television screen.

I’m trying to premier songs on Saturday Night Live. I want to have an interview with Ellen (Degeneress). That’s what we working for!

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STREAM LACOSTE BO$$: https://soundcloud.com/moolagangcashcows/sets/lacosteboss

DOWNLOAD LACOSTE BO$$: http://www.datpiff.com/Luke-O-Lacoste-Bo-mixtape.645586.html


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