Shelle Knows: Jason Derulo Tells Why His Relationship Ended With Jordin Sparks

Oh what a surprise. Another celebrity couple splits up after years of being together. Singers/ artists Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo split up after the pressures of being in a relationship got to intense.

Derulo, 25, says he felt compelled to make a public statement to address the rumors that cheating and his rising status in the music industry led to the end of their three-year relationship.

“Though I think it is a private matter and intended to keep my break-up with Jordin personal, due to bogus and irresponsible lies being reported by insensitive media outlets it became necessary for me to comment,” the singer said in a statement to ABC news on Monday, addressing the speculation surrounding his split from Jordin Sparks.

Derulo denied any infidelity or ego problems, but he did admit to host Ryan Seacrest that time apart because of their busy schedules created stress in the relationship.

“There was a lot of tension in our relationship for a lot of different reasons,” he said in an interview on KIIS FM. “Every relationship has ups and downs…when you stop having more good times than bad times, it’s time to call it quits.”

As for any potential reconciliation, Derulo does not seem optimistic.

“I wouldn’t say good terms, I’d be lying if I said that,” Derulo said when asked by Seacrest how things are between the former couple. “But it’s not a bad situation … there’s no bad blood.”

Sparks tweeted after the separation became public, “Don’t cry because it’s over,” “Smile because it happened.”

This shows you that celebrities have the same problems.


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