A “Westside Story:The 412 Edition” [@Westsidestorypg] | #ThePrezJourney

sbooshop While on this nomadic journey of touring the different areas of Pittsburgh we made a stop to “WESTSIDE STORY 412: Candy & Accessories” owned by Indie artist S.Boo and her sister Necca. This is one of the many accomplishments the artist who has coined the phrase ‘QUEENIN’ has obtained. If you ever encountered S.Boo you can get a sense of royalty in the way she carries herself.

I have kids I teach and I have to be mindful that people are watching at all times. You never know who could be out with you, the board of education or parents.

S.Boo may fly under the radar from the board of education but she has caught the attention from a very well known publication Jenesis Magazine. A few months back S.Boo was featured in the publications “Unknown Known” section. Shining a new light on the female hip-hop artist. “Shawny Boo” handles being an artist, business owner, Black Woman, mentor, and many other great things with a tenacious drive to succeed.

sbooshop4We asked S.Boo about the inspiration of opening her own candy shop in the neighborhood she grew up as child. On the same block as the well-known Wray family. S.Boo was quick to point out that this block was an all Black Owned section. Also Shawny Boo added:

 “I just loved candy stores and I think that is apart of childhood. You have to have some type of remembrance of the neighborhood. The candy stores was like the biggest memory of my childhood. Mr.Joe Store truck man coming into the projects everyday. It (Projects) was like a dead zone. My inspiration was to bring back that feeling of HOME!”

Having that inspiration of wanting to show the community her appreciation. S.Boo has also hired high school kids from the neighborhood to work in the shop and learn how to run a business. The shop is one part business and one part safe haven for a lot of the kids from the West End. This section is known for their blue collar workers and crime a like. Giving kids an opportunity to see something positive is embedding hope in their heart. S.Boo the artist is getting ready to release a song that speaks to just that. The new track is called “I Just Wan To Be Free”. After having a quick listening session it is very clear what the Queen has up her sleeve. You can pop in on the Queen as she dishes out candy and accessories to her customers down at 630 Broadway Ave Mckees Rocks, PA 15136.

Twitter: @Westsidestorypg


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