Where Do You Go To Get FREE Ice Cream? [@DreamCreamPGH] | #InMyTravels


In Pittsburgh there are plenty places where you can get a scoop of ice cream and be on your marry way. You have Dairy Queen, Rita’s, Dave & Andy’s, and the other major chains that serve ice cream and make milk shakes. Have you ever been in a place that serves ice cream for FREE? Don’t stress the answer is NO! Now a new question has formed in your head “Where is this place that serves FREE Ice Cream?” That place is right downtown in Pittsburgh, PA on the busy street of Liberty Avenue. Dream Cream Ice Cream doesn’t sell ice cream at all. They do just the opposite they sell Dreams.

Each flavor of ice cream and we mean each flavor of ice cream is tied to a individual or group fundraiser. For instance let’s say you really love Mint Chocolate chip ice cream you will be helping the Taylor Alderdice Lady Field Hockey team get new uniforms. Every month their is a new DREAMER and they have an opportunity to raise money to fund that dream though their hand picked flavor.

IMG_0243Thomas Jamison aka Chief Cone took a chance and came up with this idea of helping other achieve their dream a three years ago. Starting out as pop-up shop Thomas was chosen to renovate an old Ritz Camera Shop into a ice cream parlor. Thomas has a firm belief in the old saying “If you help enough people achieve their goal, in return you will achieve your goal.”

Two biggest things I take away from Dream Cream Ice Cream are ‘selfless acts’ being able to do something for somebody else is empowering way more than anything you can appreciate. It just reaffirms why I want it to be my life’s work. The second thing is we don’t realize what someone else’s time is worth until we listen to them and their story is more valuable than any money a corporation could ever pay me.

You can still go grab a scoop or try the one of a kind DreamShake down at 539 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA. Shameless plug try some of that delicious Blueberry Cheesecake!

Twitter: @DreamCreamPGH


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