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We are very appreciative of people that take the time out to send new artist our way. We are running a special donation of $1.00 (Yes I know we are breaking the bank) for the next 7 DAYS. We are currently fundraising for our tour bus and it’s renovations. We will promote your new single, mixtape, and or video for a 7-day period and 4-Tweets per day for  $1Buck donation to helping The Prez Show reach its goal. We plan on having the bus up and running by March 2015 just in time for SXSW! So here is our PAYPAL information: Every cent counts and in this case 100 pennies. If this works cool and if it doesn’t cool too. Each week the dollar amount will be different. So if you want to jump in while it is still only TEN-DIMES LETS GET IT!!  Send payment to our PAYPAL Account:!!
Thanks for being the best part of The Prez Show. Without your music and determination we wouldn’t be here. So let’s help each other reach  our GOALS and reach our SUCCESS!!!  Be on the look out for the merchandise and giveaways!!

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