Shelle Knows: Love and Hip Hop Star Yung Berg Arrested For Assault

PHOTO: Yung Berg attends the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event, Sept. 9, 2014, in Hollywood, Calif.

Yung Berg

Ok so word around the hip hop world is that rapper/ producer Yung Berg was arrested for assault against his so-called “girlfriend.”

ABC news reported :

Christian Ward, professionally known as Yung Berg, 30, and his 29-year-old girlfriend were in a dispute, according to the NYPD. She allegedly claimed the rapper grabbed her by the neck, threw her onto the ground, dragged her by her hair and punched her in the face.

For those of you who may not know this Yung Berg character, he is a current star from the reality show Love and Hip hop LA. On the show Yung Berg is shown making records for different ladies who also star on the show. Just to sum it up, he is open about not ever being in a relationship but being with any girl he pleases. One of those girls is Maseka who was supposed to be just a friend turns out to be the girl he assaulted titled as his girlfriend.

Maseka on the show was making it clear that her and Yung Berg was just friend so when confronted by a friend of hers, Hazel, who was also in an imaginary relationship with Yung Berg.

Word on the street is that after filming the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Show, Berg and Maseka went out for drinks and his card was declined. Berg then went into a rage storming out of the place leaving Maseka to foot the bill. Sources say when she ran after Berg to his hotel room that’s when he choked her and dragged her out the room by her hair.

Of course Maseka is taking Berg’s side blaming his actions on the alcohol.

No word yet on Berg’s release but I am pretty sure this reunion show will be full of drama.


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