#EVENT | The Deal Makers Conference in Cleveland, OH [1.24.15] (@BigHeff) #GetSignedOrDie

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Westin Hotel
777 Saint Clair Avenue NE
Cleveland, OH 44114
Doors Open: 11am – 6pm
Industry Showcase at Take 5 Lounge from 8pm -11pm
740 W.Superior Ave Cleveland OH 44115

The summit presented by New York-based talent, branding and lifestyle company ‘The Ravenel Agency’ gave select artists a one of a kind opportunity to meet experienced veterans in the music and entertainment industries. Artists participated in a power panel where they received invaluable advice about how to make it in the industry, a one on one assessment of their work and performed.

Conference leaders included: Lenny Santiago (Roc Nation) , Eric Parler (Def Jam), Young Sav (Maybach Music) and Steve Carless (CTE/Atlantic Records), media heavyweights Vanessa Satten (XXL Magazine) and Reggie Hawkins (SiriusXM) plus television producers Maricarmen Lopez (VH1) and TV Executive and Publicist More Media LLC CEO Alvina Alston.
“It was important for me to bring “The Deal Makers Conference” to the Midwest after discovering the wealth of undiscovered talent here. I wanted to expose Cleveland, OH to the real deal makers of the business. My aim was for attendees to not only learn from seasoned professionals but to gain insight on the do’s and don’ts of the business. Participants also were afforded the change to secure a record deal on the spot all of which happened to my delight” says Amber Ravenel, Founder/CEO of The Ravenel Agency.
Artist can get more information on www.getsignedordie.com  or info@getsignedordie.com

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