10 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You, But Should (From A Personal Trainer)

Thought Catalog

1. “You are not injured, you are lazy.”

You’re mistaken if you think a little pain is an excuse not to train. Strengthening your muscles through light training after an injury has the same effect as physical therapy, and it can definitely expedite the healing process. There’s a huge difference between a “burning sensation” and an actual injury. A good trainer should understand the difference, so make sure to communicate exactly what you’re feeling—and try not to exaggerate while you’re at it just so you can feel good about taking it easy for a while.

2. “I’m not a friend for hire.”

We can gossip a little during breathers and breaks, but I don’t need to know too much about whatever you do outside our time together. Less socializing and more training will get you the results you want, so save the drunk glory stories for your actual friends, or…

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