21 Reasons You And Your Roommate Should Probably Have Your Own Sitcom

Thought Catalog


1. You speak in unison unintentionally at least once a day.

2. You act out your stories and know the idiosyncrasies of how the other person is going to describe a situation.

3. And then you do impressions of each other by mimicking them while standing directly behind them…. Even when there’s no one else in the room to watch.

4. You remember what they did yesterday, what they had to eat and when because they recounted literally every detail of their day to you.

5. They are always a character in your stories, even if they weren’t there, because you always just assume they were.

6. Your banter is on another level. It’s a beautifully smooth give and take and it’s especially hilarious because you can anticipate what they’re going to say next.

7. When your roommate is gone for more than an hour, you cook up a…

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