#NewMusic | Jep Roadie “On My Gravestone” (O.M.G) [@PeaceJepRoadie]

O.M.G Artwork

“I have a 401k. I have given over 100 dollars to homeless people in my life. I haven’t read a book since middle school. I believe God is light. I live with my mom currently, so I can save money. I eat a box of Mike and Ikes a day. I rarely listen to rap music anymore. I have never owned a pair of Jordan sneakers. I smoke weed for my anxiety. I haven’t been to the club in over 2 years. I rarely drink alcohol. I don’t give a shit about politics. I am a free spirit. I am out of shape. I love sushi. So says my onesie. I believe in the power of miracles. I still watch 90s cartoons. I have no real friends. I have a family. I like who I am.”

Jep Roadie brings his latest track entitled “On My Gravestone” aka OMG. Jep Roadie continues to express the his free-spirit lifestyle in all his music. Check out the new sounds below.



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