#Pittsburgh | WAMO100 Suspends Radio Personality For Insensitive Freddy Gray Post [@wamo100, @mikejax]

While the world looks on after the Freddy Gray death resulted in Baltimore residents rioting. The news quickly picked up the coverage and instantly started digging into the young man’s past. In Pittsburgh, we have witness the first media casualty. The local radio station WAMO 100 has suspended Disc Jockey & Host Mike “Mayor” Jax. The radio personality posted this picture on his personal instagram this morning in wake of the riots in Baltimore:

photo 1


Facebook and Instagram immediately caught wind of the post from Mike Jax. Many people took to their devices and bashed the radio personality for his caption that read “He was pretty busy before he was unjustly killed at the hands of Baltimore PD. #prayforbaltimore”. A slew of comments rained down on Mike Jax from a number of figure heads in the entertainment field in Pittsburgh. James “Ruff Bone” White a video and film director re-posted the picture:




Not too long after this post WAMO100 issued a statement regarding Mike Jax post: 

After his post hit the net Mike Jax did go recant his statement and apologize for his post. We would like to hear from you. Do you believe he was rightfully suspended? Do you think he meant malice in his post?


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