#MixtapeReview | Sh’mi “Painting Sounds” (Debut Mixtape) [@RealShmi]


Sh’mi (pronounced shh-my), the one-third of the Pittsburgh bred hip-hop group Under Rated Hustle (URH) released his latest EP entitled “Painting Sounds”.  Sh’mi took some time to create his sound while group members Joel Kellem (Chill God) and Delay (Pretty P) released projects, videos, and performed on numerous stages. Timing is everything and Sh’mi dropped a nice debut mixtape at the right time.  Unlike his two crew members Sh’mi adds his R&B background into his music. In this extended play Sh’mi, originally from Homewood gives his views on lost love, lost friends, travelling, and getting his music heard. Standout tracks on “Painting Sounds” would be “Phone Calls”, “On the Low” & “Switch”.

What We Liked: The introduction had less shoutouts and more lyrics. That is a plus in my book. A dope arrary of beats showing versatility. Staying in pocket and maintaining subject value. “Phone Calls” is a definite single and should get some more push with a video.

What we disliked: Constant “Hater” bars. We get it people are hating its life move on to a new topic. Caught a couple bars that sounded close to swag jacking on “Part of The Game”.  Could’ve went for more Delay and Kellem features (biased opinion)

Check it out below and give us a comment below!


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