From The Trap House To The White House – A Ciara Story #prezThoughts




From The Trap House to The White House – A Ciara Story. [E! Online]


It’s summertime, the heat is rising and relationships are fizzling out. Well this relationship has already deteriorated before our very eyes and ears for that matter. Ciara and Future have gone as far as make songs about each other, interviews bashing bedroom habits, and then you have the public replies on Twitter. It seems like only yesterday Ciara was in that “Body Party” video straight flexing in Sir Astronauts crotch. Let’s run the tape back a tad.

At one point the couple was glued at the hip. Not to mention Ciara tattooed Future’s name on her flesh. Question, where’s her homegirls at? The failure rate increases once you ink your partner’s name on your skin. I don’t have the total numbers back from Compubox but “I BET” that is a nail in the relationship coffin.  This isn’t a Ciara ‘Girl You Crazy’ blog post (Just stating some hair-raising facts).  Future played a huge part in this.

After the first time of sexual intercourse Sir Pluto stated on HuffPostLive “After sex we prayed together, that’s a true story.” Mr.FreeBandz what did you think you were in for? “It swept me off my feet,” Futuristic continued. The cookie wasn’t enough you needed her to take it to another ‘weird’ level. Speaking from personal experience I tend to separate God from my sinful acts. I might pray later that week hoping she ain’t knocked up but to immediately pray after sex screams ‘UNSTABLE’. Oh no that is a turn-on to Sir Future Hendrix.

Now you have a new problem every groupie in the world is going to quote bible verses to you.  Just to get chose! I’m just not on the level obviously. After sex if I aint impressed Im leaving and if I am impressed I’m sleeping. Not never, in the history of sex-dom has a person ever thought “let me get this prayer in right quick.” Nor have I thought “She want me to pray with her, I WON!!”

The quote was spawned from Ciara’s practice of celibacy with Russell Wilson. I mean can you really blame her based on what she has been through in the past. She endured the Diva Bow Wow and got her heart crushed by 50 Cent. Of course Future and the engagement call-off. Yeah, I think she can put the “Cookies” on the shelf for a little while.   It’s just ironic the most sensual dancer/singer ain’t giving up the “Cookies” to the straight-laced Quaterback. Though on the other hand she definitely made magic happen with Nayvadius. You got to love it! It’s almost like she finally read “Think Like A Man and Act Like a Lady.” This is a legit case of you live and you learn but you don’t hear me though.

These are just my thoughts, wright or wong. [#prezThoughts]


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