#NewVideo | JKJ “Ridin’ Home” feat. Tayja (Prod by KiLZ) [@JKJ412, @TayjaVu]

JKJ new video “Ridin Home” features Tayja a vocalist from Pittsburgh. In classic fashion the vocalist is not in the video. Just one time I would love to see the actual vocalists in these tracks. I digress, “Ridin Home” is off JKJ’s INTERNAL WARFARE Album and was produced by the Moola Gang Cash Cows Producer/Rapper KiLZ (hold your head Kilz).  JKJ also proves a major point in this video. He is not a dancer, especially at the end (I respect that). Yes, I watched the entire video as you should. Fact is I wanted to see if JKJ would put a jacket on like his RARE Nation compadre Palermo Stone. In true Fat Cuz fashion he did not making sure we got a full glimpse of the “Explict Life” T-Shirt. Not only is the shirt on display his lyrcial content is as well. Giving the listener more than just bars but a message. The given is the hardship that is going on in low-income areas like McKeesport, but also the youth that has to grow up in these areas don’t have neccesary resources. “Liquor store on every coner wonder why we vilotile,” JKJ makes sure to grab attention with bars like “In Summertime don’t make it better children killing kids/ Screaming that its no way to live, praying that something gotta give.” Make sure to check out the video above and follow Fat Cuz on Twitter @JKJ412.


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