Lua Proc: Hard Work and Determination (@LuaProc) [Interview]



Photo Credit: James White (The Plug Media)

Hailing from the West End of Pittsburgh Paul “Lua Proc” Harris has always followed his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist. Harris loved writing poetry and listening to a ton of 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G. Lua Proc decides to give rap a try at the age of 12. “Always had a passion for music and the limelight,” recalls Lua “Since I loved poetry rapping just came easy to me.” Although rapping was Lua did face a lot of problems with his initial start. Proc wanted to be the next Master P and started managing artists. Siting he spent a lot of money on others. Paul saw little return on investment.


Photo Credit: James White (The Plug Media)

Harris created his sound patterned for club anthems and street storytelling. Harris decided to put his efforts into his own music, “I was spending more money on ungrateful people and not myself” Paul states, “I knew it was time to start putting myself first.” Investing in his craft has led to Paul opening up for 2 Chainz, Juvenile, and touring with the legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony. Harris sites that tour as a “Once in a lifetime experience,” he continues, “You’re actually working with some legends and It felt good.” Being on tour with Bone Thugs gave Lua Proc the opportunity to learn more about connecting with fans. “I learned how to interact with the crowd and how to put on a show from beginning to end,” Paul explains. Harris gained that opportunity from another big showcase in Texas called SXSW (South By Southwest). Held annually in March down in Austin,TX. Presented with the chance after a stellar show, Harris details “SXSW got me recognized by my old manager and got me placed on the Bone Thug Tour.” SXSW wasn’t the last festival Lua Proc performed at. Harris also hit the stage at A3C (All 3 Coasts) in Atlanta last October. Harris was a part of the Hip-Hop Weekly “Next To Blow” stage. Proc then released the video for “Work” featuring New Orleans’ rapper Kevin Gates. Behind the camera Proc was in a battle with a form of Vitiligo. This skin condition caught him off guard, “It just popped up out of nowhere,” Proc explains, “I decided to go ahead with the video and make it happen.” Paul keeps up with his dermatologist appointments. Faced with adversity Paul leans on his family the most, “My kids and my faith in God keeps me motivated,” Harris proclaims. With 3 kids 3, 8 & 16 Harris is focused on making their lives better each day. By staying steadfast Harris doesn’t allow himself to wollow in misery or satisfaction.


Photo Credit: James White (The Plug Media)

Even with the video for “Work” showcased on BETJAMZ, “I am never satisfied. Always looking for the next best thing or next level,” Harris replies, “I don’t look back, that’s how you become stagnate.” Lua Proc is looking forward to 2016. He is scheduled to release the debut album “Fish-Tailing” in the early part of the upcoming year. Lua Proc has come from a childhood dream to the television screen. Proc has no limit on what he wants to accomplish, “The 2016 Master P, I want to take over and help my people pay their kids way through college.” Building his fan base from the ground up and continuing to reach for the stars. Lua Proc is focused on becoming a great entertainer.


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