stretching1 1) STRETCH – Before any physical activity stretch out the muscle that you are focusing your training on. Stretching helps warm up the muscles. Just like when you drink your morning coffee or tea. Stretching perks up your body and gears it up for a great work out session.




push-ups2) PUSH UPS – Especially on chest and arm days. Doing a few sets of 20 to 25 push ups helps get the pump in the chest. The blood starts flowing in the arms. The upper shoulders get a good stretch as well.












3) PULL UPS – This exercise is mostly used for shoulder days or upper back days. Pull ups help the trap muscles maintain definition. The arms also get a jolt of energy as well.








skimble-workout-trainer-exercise-squat-arms-out-3_iphone 4) SQUATS – One of the best ways to warm-up for a heavy squat day is to do body weight squats. Helps with form and engages all muscles. This exercise also helps with cardio.








climbermountains5) Mountain Climbers – Another great way to get those toned thighs & glutes. Helps with cardio as well. The arms and upper shoulders are also active during the workout.









Dips6) DIPS – One of the best ways to tone up the arms (tricep/biceps) and chest. Great for bench press days.







proper-sit-up7) SIT UPS – Done correctly this exercise can get you shredded abs quicker than any other. Builds abdominal muscles but you must be consistent and practice good form.









resistance-band-exercises8) BANDS – You can grab a tension band and it would feel like a real workout.







cac-bai-tap-the-duc-co-ban-alternating-lunges9) LUNGES – Another great workout to warm up the glutes and tone up the quads. Add a Jump to the lunge for a cardio boost.




superman_stretch10) SUPER-MAN STRETCH – This can be helpful for those that have back problems. It helps the abdominal wall strengthen as well.









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