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JKJ & Norman Dean Share Insight On Their Development [INTERVIEW] (@JKJ412, @RealNormanDean)

JKJ gives us some insight on how he developed his sound. Norman Dean talks about the evolution of Team Epic Studios and a joint mixtpae in the works with Team Epic’s SpaceJam Jiff.

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JKJ & Norman Dean Talk Collaborating on “FIVE” (Interview) [@jkj412, @realnormandean]

JKJ & Norman Dean released their joint EP entitled “FIVE” on Christmas Eve. The EP is a result of a 12 hour studio session. JKJ traveled from McKeesport, PA to the Team Epic studios in the West side of Pittsburgh. Each track is a standout but the early release titled “Born Rich” is one to checkout. The duo gives us a little insight on the creation of “FIVE” in the video clip above. Stay tuned for more interviews from JKJ & Norman Dean.

Download FIVE EP by Norman Dean & JKJ:

Lua Proc: Hard Work and Determination (@LuaProc) [Interview]



Photo Credit: James White (The Plug Media)

Hailing from the West End of Pittsburgh Paul “Lua Proc” Harris has always followed his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist. Harris loved writing poetry and listening to a ton of 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G. Lua Proc decides to give rap a try at the age of 12. “Always had a passion for music and the limelight,” recalls Lua “Since I loved poetry rapping just came easy to me.” Although rapping was Lua did face a lot of problems with his initial start. Proc wanted to be the next Master P and started managing artists. Siting he spent a lot of money on others. Paul saw little return on investment.


Photo Credit: James White (The Plug Media)

Harris created his sound patterned for club anthems and street storytelling. Harris decided to put his efforts into his own music, “I was spending more money on ungrateful people and not myself” Paul states, “I knew it was time to start putting myself first.” Investing in his craft has led to Paul opening up for 2 Chainz, Juvenile, and touring with the legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony. Harris sites that tour as a “Once in a lifetime experience,” he continues, “You’re actually working with some legends and It felt good.” Being on tour with Bone Thugs gave Lua Proc the opportunity to learn more about connecting with fans. “I learned how to interact with the crowd and how to put on a show from beginning to end,” Paul explains. Harris gained that opportunity from another big showcase in Texas called SXSW (South By Southwest). Held annually in March down in Austin,TX. Presented with the chance after a stellar show, Harris details “SXSW got me recognized by my old manager and got me placed on the Bone Thug Tour.” SXSW wasn’t the last festival Lua Proc performed at. Harris also hit the stage at A3C (All 3 Coasts) in Atlanta last October. Harris was a part of the Hip-Hop Weekly “Next To Blow” stage. Proc then released the video for “Work” featuring New Orleans’ rapper Kevin Gates. Behind the camera Proc was in a battle with a form of Vitiligo. This skin condition caught him off guard, “It just popped up out of nowhere,” Proc explains, “I decided to go ahead with the video and make it happen.” Paul keeps up with his dermatologist appointments. Faced with adversity Paul leans on his family the most, “My kids and my faith in God keeps me motivated,” Harris proclaims. With 3 kids 3, 8 & 16 Harris is focused on making their lives better each day. By staying steadfast Harris doesn’t allow himself to wollow in misery or satisfaction.


Photo Credit: James White (The Plug Media)

Even with the video for “Work” showcased on BETJAMZ, “I am never satisfied. Always looking for the next best thing or next level,” Harris replies, “I don’t look back, that’s how you become stagnate.” Lua Proc is looking forward to 2016. He is scheduled to release the debut album “Fish-Tailing” in the early part of the upcoming year. Lua Proc has come from a childhood dream to the television screen. Proc has no limit on what he wants to accomplish, “The 2016 Master P, I want to take over and help my people pay their kids way through college.” Building his fan base from the ground up and continuing to reach for the stars. Lua Proc is focused on becoming a great entertainer.

The Art Of Chill with Joel Kellem (@JoelKellem) [Interview]



Joel Kellem has been busy creating a definitive sound for his Chill God movement. Kellem released three new projects in the past few months. The “Chill God” mixtape was the first of the trilogy. Joel connected with prominent Pittsburgh based producer Roscoe Wiki for “Living Single”. Wiki, a member of the well-known Commonwealth Family produced the entire mixtape.  Kellem didn’t sit around waiting for that tape to collect dust. He quickly jumped into the studio and started recording “Take A Day Off”. Now he’s just plotting on his next move. Chill God has formed a new crew called ‘The Company Only’. The new hip hop collective members are Under Rated Hustle members PK Delay, Shmi, Fat Corey, Deem Trill and a few others. Joel Kellem may be the Chill God but he gets in a lot of work.  In these five part video we go into the past, present and bright future of the Chill God. Make sure you follow @JoelKellem on all social networks.

Reggie Howze Creator of “Heart On A Sleeve” Brand Shares Insight On His Passion (@oreginalpix412, @hos_412) [Interview]



How did you come up with the “Heart On A Sleeve” brand?

Heart on a sleeve is just me being passionate about everything I do. Music, Fashion, Relationships or anything I do. I’m real passionate so I wear my heart on my sleeve. I just took that and ran with it. I made the design and put it on the shirt. Now here we are with it.


Have you done any custom art or custom fashion pieces before?

I come from a very artistic family. My dad taught me how to draw when I was like 5 or 6 years old. Growing up everyone said ‘I should do something with it’.

Who helps you with the sewing of the hearts?

My Grandma, she sews and she makes prom dresses. I already had a little background just from watching her. I tried to sew with the machine but it’s a little difficult. So everything I do is hand-stitched. She showed me how to make sure the thread is knotted correctly and hides the knots. So it doesn’t come apart.

What would you say would be the appeal of your shirts?

I would definitely say the fact that its hand stitched is the appeal. People know they are getting a good quality. The shirts are thick shirts and 100% cotton. The material is fleece and stands out. Plus it will last. It’s not cheesy and gives that 3-D look.


What your vision for the “Heart On A Sleeve” Brand?

I’m in the process of getting it trademarked now. Within a year I want to be in stores. Hopefully Old Navy or Macy’s. It hasn’t been that long and it has created such a buzz.

Where do you think that buzz has come from?

I would say my Instagram and Social networks. I’m supportive of a lot of people in the city. Anything people got going on I promote and push their stuff. Going out to people’s events . Since I was like 15 years old getting into 18+ clubs. Just from people knowing me and recognizing me. Plus from playing the piano on my Instagram gained a lot of attention.


When did you learn how to play the piano?

My dad use to play the Sax. So I was always around instruments. I always wanted to learn how to play. I got one lesson. That was just to position my hands on the keys. So I would listen to songs repeatedly and learn to play by ear.

That’s amazing. As far as Heart on A Sleeve What has the demand been like in the past few weeks?

Its been insane man. My head is spinning. I’ve been running like a chicken with its head cut off. Its really a high right now. I can’t even fathom its been unbelievable.


I see you have a few notable entertainers rocking your shirts. Owey, Chevy Woods, & DJ Motormane. Where you contacted by them or did you proactively reach out?

I was a little bit proactive on it. Specifically with Chevy. I made my shirt and people were saying it was hot and I thought I had something. So I was just like it would be tough to get some of these people that are really known in the city. So I mentioned him(Chevy) and Hardo on Twitter. I seen Hardo and he told me to make him one. Chevy didn’t respond for like a week. The day after Thanksgiving he messaged me and invited me to his show. That was dope. Then I brought him a shirt and posted it up on IG. Same thing with Motor and DJ Solo Dolo.


How many shirts have made on average?

I’ve made 50 right out the gate from orders. Of course you got to wait for people to pick them up. For the most part they have been going pretty fast.

How much are the shirts?

The shirts go for $25. If you bring me a shirt I’ll just charge for the work.

How did you bump into Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Martavis Bryant?

The city got me feeling myself(Laughing). When I see these people I’m like what’s the worse that can happen other than them just saying no. I seen him out at Savoy and I was like can I get you one of my shirts. Showed him the shirt. He was like “Yeah that’s dope!” I was like I’ll make you a black & yellow one. He was like “Yeah that would be dope.” Then he went on my page and saw Chevy with the White and Blue one. He was like “Get me that one too!”

Are you looking to get more people to help you?

I am actually looking into an embroidery company. Since it is a quality product,  I don’t want to get them printed but with the demand of the shirts I may have to.  I want to get as many people as possible the fleece on the sleeve. The T-shirt will always be 100% cotton.

Any other clothing, like hats, sweaters or hoodies?

Yeah, I am actually doing hats now. Starting to do sweaters and hoodies soon. I’m just trying to do everything. Jersey’s, Baseball Jersey’s, short sets for the summer. I want to cover everything.

Where can people go to contact you for shirt’s?

My Facebook/ReggieHowze send me a message. Instagram: @oreginalpix & @hos_412. Send me your size and color you want.

Watch Full Interview on YouTube:

Watch Full Interview on YouTube:


#Interview | Scarface Talks “Deeply Rooted” Album & “Ending” Marriage w/ Geto Boys (Video) [@BreakfastClubAM]

Scarface drops by The Breakfast Club to iron out the ‘Geto Boys’ Tour and album rumors. Brother Face also gives a little insight on his relationship with N.W.A members and smoking weed gifted from the late great Eazy-E. Spoiler Alert: Scarface refuses to weighs in on the Drake/Meek Rap battle. Checkout the full interview above.

 Get free U.S. shipping on orders over $50 at with the code "NBA50"

Get free U.S. shipping on orders over $50 at with the code “NBA50”

IG Famed Vixen Raychiel Interview On Vlad TV


 Raychiel sits with DJ Vlad to discuss boys in grade school playing “booty tag” without her permission. The exotic beauty talks about feeling uncomfortable and falling in love with her body in 10th grade. Check out the revealing interview she did with DJ Vlad on Plastic Surgery & Photoshop:

Troy Ave Breaks Down Selling Only 4,500 Copies on The Breakfast Club

Troy Ave hits the Most Dangerous Radio Show “The Breakfast Club” this morning. Troy answers questions and sets the record straight about his lack of album sells.

#Interview | Up & Coming Pittsburgh Artist @Sosa412_ Goes 1on1 at @ThePrezShow


One of Pittsburgh’s hardest working hip-hop artist Sosa stops by The Prez Show to discuss his latest work. Sosa has been making a lot of connection out of town especially in New York. Growing his network and continuing to give the streets lyrical content. Check out the interview below and stay tuned for more!

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#Interview | Cool Tey Goes 1on1 with VeeAye4prez [@ThePrezShow, @_cooltey]

In this episode of The Prez Show, VeeAye4prez sits down with upstart hip-hop artist Cool Tey. Originally from Philadelphia Tey moved to Pittsburgh for a fresh start. Now he has his game face on and wants to prove himself as an artist. Check out the latest interview and stay tuned!

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Chris Brown Talks Kanye West’s Karrueche Reference with The Breakfast Club

Kanye West Talks Amber Rose, Adidas deal, and more with The Breakfast Club

Tyga Addresses The Kylie Jenner Dating Rumors, Drake Beef & Not Getting Paid with The Breakfast Club

#Interview | J.Cole Interview with The Combat Jack Show (Audio)


J.Cole sits down with The Combat Jack Show for a two hour in depth interview. Cole gives us more detail about his up bringing and the significance of living at 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Cole also talks about how and where he came up with the idea of the title of the album. The interview goes into the Ferguson injustice and Mike Brown’s murder. This may go down as one of the most important interviews in 2015. Click on the link and listen.

#NewInterview | Sonny Digital Interview At HOT 97 Morning Show [@SonnyDigital, @HOT97]

Sonny Digital stops through to Hot 97 Morning Show. Sonny Digital talks about the come up and living in Gorilla Zoe’s basement. Digital’s discography is extremely deep and finally getting a Grammy Nomination for ILOVEMAKONNEN’s “Tuesday” track. Check out the full interview above.

#NewInterview | Snootie Wild “Everybody’s A Robot” on The Breakfast Club


Snootie Wild hits up The Most Dangerous Morning show The Breakfast Club to explain where he came from and the trials of getting out of his situation. Snootie was incarcerated for four years touched home and started recording music. Instead of going back to the life he embraced his talents and caught the attention of CMG’s CEO Yo Gotti. Snootie talks in great details of his run ins with the street life, his children, and his new EP “GO Mode”. Check the interview below!

#NewInterview | @PalermoStone Interview on The Prez Show Live (Audio) [@RARENation]

RARE Nation’s own Palermo Stone stopped by The Prez Show to sitdown and break down each song from his new album “The 2nd Coming”. We touched on major topics from the backlash of the Town Hall Meeting, to the bold “I am the MJ of Motown” statement, the issues with friend and rapper Mac Miller and much more.
Download “The 2nd Coming” here:…ming/id907254328

#NewVideo | Ab-Soul “You Ever been DP’d” Interview at The Breakfast Club

Ab-Soul stops through the infamous Power 105’s The Breakfast Club morning show. Ab-Soul recently dropped his album “These Days” this past Tuesday (Jun 24th). The TDE recording artist speaks about his rare case of Steven Johnson Syndrome, meeting model Yaris Sanchez, and the Schoolboy Q shooting. Check the video above.

Mike Dean Talks About his Relationship with WAMO100 (@whomikedean, @wamo100)

In this episode Mike Dean addressed the elephant in the room. For years he has been tagged Mike Deam from Wamo and now he doesn’t even have a show on the radio. Although he is very visible in the Pittsburgh Event Hosting scene. He does tons of radio drops and commercials. So the question is When will Wamo reach out?

The Prez 7 at 7 (In-Studio) feat. @MarSJackson, @Woo_HOD & @MikeyP_HOD

The Prez Show Logo (1)

The Prez 7 at 7 (In Studio) with @VeeAye4prez. Special Guests: Mikey P & Woo of H.O.D., Mars Jackson of HC$, and Mike Neal. This episode was shot inside the Radio Station. As always JMY JAM (@JMYJAM) directed and edited this episode. The Prez Show was recently nominated for a P.U.M.A. (Pittsburgh Underground Music Award) for Best Radio Show. Thank you all who have rocked with us! Continue the support.

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