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“Heathens Remix” x L2B (Audio) #thprzshw


In between releasing singles from his upcoming album, “The Artist,” L2B delivers a brand new remix of the hit song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots.

“Stop It” x Slicky Williams (Video) #thprzshw

Slicky Williams from The Company Only dropped this visual a month back entitled “Stop It”.  The video captures Slicky vibing in the studio and getting into his zone. Check out this creative video and stay tuned for more new music.

#NewVideo | Walden Ash “Wait” [@WallaAye]

Walden Ash returns with a brand new visual “WAIT” off his newly released project “Monster”, check out the visual as Walden takes you on a journey of the grind of being a artist in todays industry.

#LISTEN The Prez Show – #DeyDrinkin Ep. 4 (Side A & B) [@veeaye4prez, @mr_buckets, @kptomey3]

In this Episode – We touch on the Wendy Bell WTAE issue which ended up with a firing. Give our candid opinion on how long to wait to “Wife-Up” your chick. Also debate on who we would date between Amber Rose & #LHHNY’s own Cardi B. The Members of Dey Drinkin that couldn’t make it called in and gave some valuable input. Make sure to Check out Side A & Side B!!!

Tune In Every Sunday at 5pm via










The Headlines Are LIT With Kanye West – (Headlines) #Media

When to Ignore Kanye West – The Atlantic

Kim Kardashian Steps Out in Skintight Black Jumpsuit With Kanye West: See The Pics – US WEEKLY

Ranking: Every Kanye West Album From Worst to Best Consequence of Sound

Why Kanye West Had Trouble Getting a Record Deal– TIME

Kanye West rants about Kylie Jenner’s Puma shoe deal on Twitter – Daily Mail

Kanye West Tweets Bill Cosby is Innocent – Billboard

Kanye West Invites Twitter frenemy Fern Mallis to Fashion Show – NY POST

Kanye West Shares New Album Name, Offers Prizes to ‘Anybody Who Can Figure Out the Title’ – Billboard

The 100 Best Kanye West Songs – Complex

Signs of A Narcissist! Kanye’s Handwriting Secrets Exposed – Radar Online

The Difficulty of Being a Kanye West Fan – FSU News

Kanye West Wanted Michael Jordan To Attend His Fashion Show – Complex 

Kanye West will give you sneakers if you guess his album’s new title – The Verge

Kanye West & ASAP Rocky Stopped by TMZ Out In NYC – HotNewHipHop

The One Tweet That Could Turn Fans Against Kanye for Good –

Post-Baby Kim Kardashian to Appear at Kanye West’s NY Fashion Week Show – Celebuzz

Kanye West Announces New Album Title, Everyone Thinks It’s About Poop – Celebuzz

Kanye West Comment on LeBron 13 – Complex 

Douche of The Week Nomination: Kanye West – SBS



stretching1 1) STRETCH – Before any physical activity stretch out the muscle that you are focusing your training on. Stretching helps warm up the muscles. Just like when you drink your morning coffee or tea. Stretching perks up your body and gears it up for a great work out session.




push-ups2) PUSH UPS – Especially on chest and arm days. Doing a few sets of 20 to 25 push ups helps get the pump in the chest. The blood starts flowing in the arms. The upper shoulders get a good stretch as well.












3) PULL UPS – This exercise is mostly used for shoulder days or upper back days. Pull ups help the trap muscles maintain definition. The arms also get a jolt of energy as well.








skimble-workout-trainer-exercise-squat-arms-out-3_iphone 4) SQUATS – One of the best ways to warm-up for a heavy squat day is to do body weight squats. Helps with form and engages all muscles. This exercise also helps with cardio.








climbermountains5) Mountain Climbers – Another great way to get those toned thighs & glutes. Helps with cardio as well. The arms and upper shoulders are also active during the workout.









Dips6) DIPS – One of the best ways to tone up the arms (tricep/biceps) and chest. Great for bench press days.







proper-sit-up7) SIT UPS – Done correctly this exercise can get you shredded abs quicker than any other. Builds abdominal muscles but you must be consistent and practice good form.









resistance-band-exercises8) BANDS – You can grab a tension band and it would feel like a real workout.







cac-bai-tap-the-duc-co-ban-alternating-lunges9) LUNGES – Another great workout to warm up the glutes and tone up the quads. Add a Jump to the lunge for a cardio boost.




superman_stretch10) SUPER-MAN STRETCH – This can be helpful for those that have back problems. It helps the abdominal wall strengthen as well.








#Interview | Puff Daddy Interview at The Breakfast Club (Video) [@BreakfastClubAM]

Puff Daddy stops by The Breakfast Club to promote his new sound and tour. Puff is putting the Family back together.   Also clears up any Drake, Meek, Kettle bell and 50 Cent rumors.



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Drake’s #BackToBack (Meek Diss)

Meek Mill #WannaKnow (Drake Diss)

From The Trap House To The White House – A Ciara Story #prezThoughts




From The Trap House to The White House – A Ciara Story. [E! Online]


It’s summertime, the heat is rising and relationships are fizzling out. Well this relationship has already deteriorated before our very eyes and ears for that matter. Ciara and Future have gone as far as make songs about each other, interviews bashing bedroom habits, and then you have the public replies on Twitter. It seems like only yesterday Ciara was in that “Body Party” video straight flexing in Sir Astronauts crotch. Let’s run the tape back a tad.

At one point the couple was glued at the hip. Not to mention Ciara tattooed Future’s name on her flesh. Question, where’s her homegirls at? The failure rate increases once you ink your partner’s name on your skin. I don’t have the total numbers back from Compubox but “I BET” that is a nail in the relationship coffin.  This isn’t a Ciara ‘Girl You Crazy’ blog post (Just stating some hair-raising facts).  Future played a huge part in this.

After the first time of sexual intercourse Sir Pluto stated on HuffPostLive “After sex we prayed together, that’s a true story.” Mr.FreeBandz what did you think you were in for? “It swept me off my feet,” Futuristic continued. The cookie wasn’t enough you needed her to take it to another ‘weird’ level. Speaking from personal experience I tend to separate God from my sinful acts. I might pray later that week hoping she ain’t knocked up but to immediately pray after sex screams ‘UNSTABLE’. Oh no that is a turn-on to Sir Future Hendrix.

Now you have a new problem every groupie in the world is going to quote bible verses to you.  Just to get chose! I’m just not on the level obviously. After sex if I aint impressed Im leaving and if I am impressed I’m sleeping. Not never, in the history of sex-dom has a person ever thought “let me get this prayer in right quick.” Nor have I thought “She want me to pray with her, I WON!!”

The quote was spawned from Ciara’s practice of celibacy with Russell Wilson. I mean can you really blame her based on what she has been through in the past. She endured the Diva Bow Wow and got her heart crushed by 50 Cent. Of course Future and the engagement call-off. Yeah, I think she can put the “Cookies” on the shelf for a little while.   It’s just ironic the most sensual dancer/singer ain’t giving up the “Cookies” to the straight-laced Quaterback. Though on the other hand she definitely made magic happen with Nayvadius. You got to love it! It’s almost like she finally read “Think Like A Man and Act Like a Lady.” This is a legit case of you live and you learn but you don’t hear me though.

These are just my thoughts, wright or wong. [#prezThoughts]

#WeekendMoves | Nighttime Maneuvers @BoomConcepts 10pm (6.27.15) #SuperFutureAppreciation



This Saturday the team at #BOOMConcepts (5139 Penn Ave. PGH,PA) are unleashing some “Nightime Maneuvers”. The LITUATION kicks off at 10pm with music by Christo (@itschristo). With a #SuperFuture Appreciation Set during the night. You don’t want to miss this. See you there!! This event is sponsored by Wine & Words + JENESIS Magazine.



Yesterday The Internet came for Keyshia Cole for this revealing photo. The R&B Diva wanted to show off her new ink on the “Gram” and the trollers were not having it. We wanted to send a reminder on how extremely beautiful Ms.Cole is and you can’t argue this point.

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R.I.P Chinx Drugs |Sunrise 12/3/1983 – Sunset 5/17/2015


Lionel “Chinx Drugz” Pickens | | Sunrise: 12/3/1983 to Sunset: 5/17/2015

Chinx Drugz, The Far Rockaway, NY born rapper was gunned down in Queens,NY after his club performance on Sunday. Chinx was a part of French Montana’s Coke Boys imprint. This marks a dark day in hip-hop. Chinx was hard at work getting more opportunities due to his professionalism and talent. We here at The Prez Show will like to extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to Lionel “Chinx Drugz” Pickens family and friends. Let’s think more and value our lives more.

#Pittsburgh | 14 Year Old Killed In East Hills Shooting

On Sunday May 17th 12:30 a.m. in front of an East Hills Apartment building. A deadly shooting claimed the life of a youthful 14 year old young man, Kelvin Lovelace known to family members as “Fat Man”. We here at The Prez Show will like to send our deepest sympathy and prayers to the Lovelace Family & Friends.

Kelvin “Fat Man” Lovelace Memorial

#Support | The Prezsuit Of Dopeness Indiegogo Fundraiser #CrowdFunding #Tour #Festival


Photo Credit: @KeepPittsburghDope

The Prez Show is a platform used to showcase underground and indie musicians across the nation. The Prez Show was created in the Summer of 2012 by Michael “VeeAye” Crandle II. We created the platform to bring awareness to up and coming hip-hop artists.

Today marks the beginning of the 60-day fundraising campaign via Indiegogo. We are attempting to convert a school bus into a full-fledge Tour bus and documenting our music travels. We value your time and want to give you first dibs on checking out the Campaign Perks. The link is LIVE, Click Here to Contribute & Share.

Every time you share you are donating essentially. Word of mouth as well talking to people about the campaign is another great way. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud: @ThePrezShow. If you are a copy & paste professional you can use the sample FaceBook post/Tweet to get the show started:

“Join Me in supporting @ThePrezShow in converting a School Bus into a Tour Bus!! #ThePrezsuitOfDopeness.”

If you want to join us in the campaign contact us at []. Thank you for your time!

#Fashion |Top Met Gala 2015 Pics

This year the Met Gala had an amazing running theme of sheer dresses. You can’t go wrong seeing Beyonce’, J.Lo & Kim K. West strutting their ass[ets] on the red carpet. Rihanna turned up with a lovely dress straight out of the Disney Classic ‘Beauty & The Beast’. Click through the pics below and prepared to be floored.


#Pittsburgh | WAMO100 Suspends Radio Personality For Insensitive Freddy Gray Post [@wamo100, @mikejax]

While the world looks on after the Freddy Gray death resulted in Baltimore residents rioting. The news quickly picked up the coverage and instantly started digging into the young man’s past. In Pittsburgh, we have witness the first media casualty. The local radio station WAMO 100 has suspended Disc Jockey & Host Mike “Mayor” Jax. The radio personality posted this picture on his personal instagram this morning in wake of the riots in Baltimore:

photo 1


Facebook and Instagram immediately caught wind of the post from Mike Jax. Many people took to their devices and bashed the radio personality for his caption that read “He was pretty busy before he was unjustly killed at the hands of Baltimore PD. #prayforbaltimore”. A slew of comments rained down on Mike Jax from a number of figure heads in the entertainment field in Pittsburgh. James “Ruff Bone” White a video and film director re-posted the picture:




Not too long after this post WAMO100 issued a statement regarding Mike Jax post: 

After his post hit the net Mike Jax did go recant his statement and apologize for his post. We would like to hear from you. Do you believe he was rightfully suspended? Do you think he meant malice in his post?

NFL Will Reinstate Pro-Bowl Running Back Adrian Peterson on Friday

Photo Cred: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Photo Cred: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The NFL informed Adrian Peterson today that he will be fully reinstated with the Minnesota Vikings. The Pro-Bowl Running Back was suspended indefinitely at the beginning of the 2014 season for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. Rumor is he would be traded to the Dallas Cowboys as soon as the ink dries. Click here to read more on this developing story:

Third Arrest Made In The Panama City Spring Break Case (Video)

– Footage by

Today a third arrest was made in the Panama City,FL Spring Break rape case. The woman was being assaulted while a beach full of Spring Breakers either watched and did nothing to help. The Cops state there will be more arrest to come. Click the link to read more on the story:

@MTV’s ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ May Resurrect Soon


Well it’s a few days before Throwback Thursday but don’t tell MTV that. They have released news about bringing back the Clay Animated TV Show ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’. We have dropped a video below in case you need a refresher. (Psst! MTV we will keep our fingers crossed for “UN-Dressed” & Yo! MTV Raps.)

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