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Soul Singer Percy Sledge Dies At 73


Soul Singer, Percy Sledge died today at the age of 73.  Sledge died from natural causes while under hospice care. He was an Alabama native, working as a hospital nurse while pursuing his music career. Sledge is most known for his hit “When A Man Loves A Woman” which sat atop the Billboard 100 for two weeks and on the Billboard R&B charts for six weeks at #1. This Thursday will mark the 49th anniversary of the legendary song. Percy Sledge is survived by his loving wife and children.  –


Dennis Quaid “I’m A Pro” Rant On-Set (VIDEO)

A very upset and fiery Dennis Quaid lays into his crew in this leaked video. The video surfaced this morning and it is quite hilarious. Beware there is a lot of foul language and he even hates on a baby! Mr.Quaid definitely needs a couple of chill pills.



Apple Bans Selfie Sticks – (Tech)


Hey You Trendy Apple iPhone users. The Apple God’s have spoken and deemed that the selfie stick is forbidden. Click the link to read more: Apple Bans Selfie Sticks!!

Justin Bieber Gets Chokehold Placed On Him at Coachella (Video)

Justin Bieber gets placed in the dope-fiend aka “A Chokehold” for not leaving the backstage area. During the show Justin was attempting to see his Canadian buddy Drake perform. With entourage in tow they made their way to the VIP area of the festival. Reaching capacity the security guards was given strict instructions to keep this area locked down. Yet & Still its Justin Bieber! The security guard didn’t give Justin or his crew any slack. Then allegedly gripped up the Pop star by his throat and removed him forcefully. The video above is from footage of the Beebz leaving the festival.

Madonna Kisses Drake On-Stage at Coachella

Drake Gets A Mouthful of Madonna and the “6God” doesn’t seem to like the tongue action. #Coachella2015


Oregon Runner Celebrates A Tad Too Soon – #PrezThoughts

Dear Oregon runner,

If You’re Reading This You Probably Lost The Race.


10 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You, But Should (From A Personal Trainer)

Thought Catalog

1. “You are not injured, you are lazy.”

You’re mistaken if you think a little pain is an excuse not to train. Strengthening your muscles through light training after an injury has the same effect as physical therapy, and it can definitely expedite the healing process. There’s a huge difference between a “burning sensation” and an actual injury. A good trainer should understand the difference, so make sure to communicate exactly what you’re feeling—and try not to exaggerate while you’re at it just so you can feel good about taking it easy for a while.

2. “I’m not a friend for hire.”

We can gossip a little during breathers and breaks, but I don’t need to know too much about whatever you do outside our time together. Less socializing and more training will get you the results you want, so save the drunk glory stories for your actual friends, or…

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10 Star Studded Facts About The Launch Of Tidal That Everyone Should Know

Thought Catalog

1. On the eve of the announcement, everyone involved in Tidal suggested that the common folk change their social profiles to the bright, unbearably teal color. Beyoncé took a while to change hers but that’s okay. She’s probably been onboard since day one and a little tired of hearing about it.

2. The Tidal “trailer” was the most intense few moments since Leonardo DiCaprio spun a top in Inception.

3. Jack White, Madonna, Usher, Beyoncé, Jason Aldean, Jay Z, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, Kanye, Arcade Fire people, Daft Punk, Alicia Keys, and J.Cole sat in the one room and shared the same air molecules.

4. Everyone you wish you knew was at the release party and none of us were invited. Beyoncé was having fun and when Beyoncé has fun we all have fun.

5. Vania Schlogel is a badass.

6. Rihanna and Nicki…

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21 Reasons You And Your Roommate Should Probably Have Your Own Sitcom

Thought Catalog


1. You speak in unison unintentionally at least once a day.

2. You act out your stories and know the idiosyncrasies of how the other person is going to describe a situation.

3. And then you do impressions of each other by mimicking them while standing directly behind them…. Even when there’s no one else in the room to watch.

4. You remember what they did yesterday, what they had to eat and when because they recounted literally every detail of their day to you.

5. They are always a character in your stories, even if they weren’t there, because you always just assume they were.

6. Your banter is on another level. It’s a beautifully smooth give and take and it’s especially hilarious because you can anticipate what they’re going to say next.

7. When your roommate is gone for more than an hour, you cook up a…

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In honor of the Reebok “Green Fifteen” Colorway release this Friday April 3rd. The Green colorway were worn by Michigan State in their 2000 NCAA Championship run. We have compiled a list of our favorite from the Allen Iverson famed sneaker. The Virginia star wore these kicks in his Infamous Rookie season. The rest is pretty much history.

10 | “White Noise” Miami Dolphin based colorway.



9 | SNS “Seinfeld” – A Shoe About Nothing


8 | Packer Shoes x Reebok “Saint Anthony High School” Colorway


7 | Valentine's Edition For the Ladies

7 | Valentine’s Edition For the Ladies


6 | "Banners" - 4th of July Edition

6 | “Banners” – 4th of July Edition


5 | "First Ballot" - Future Hall of Fame Inductee

5 | “First Ballot” – Future Hall of Fame Inductee


4 | Packer Shoes x Reebok “Practice”


3 | "Georgetown" Questions

3 | “Georgetown” Questions


2 | “#1 Pick” Questions


1 | “Blue Toes” Questions


#NewMix | DJ Dave Dolla “Birth of Mannie Fresh” (Stream/Download) [@DJDaveDollaWIBM]


DJ Dave Dolla continues his series of mixes. This one is dedicated to former Cash Money producer & artist Mannie Fresh. Formely of the Big Tymers Mannie Fresh recently celebrated a birthday. Check out “The Birth of Mannie Fresh” below.

#NewMusic | Derrick Jordan “Frenemies” [@iamDJOMusic]


It’s not every day that a rising R&B singer can take on such a popular hip hop song but Derrick Jordan does it so effortlessly. Going in over “Energy” off Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, Derrick Jordan talks about his experience with fake friendships. “Frenemies” serves as a teaser to Derrick’s upcoming mixtape which also features the project’s first official single “La Da Di” (Listen Here).

#NewMusic | GT Mayne “Every Time” feat. Beat King, Sauce Walka & Sosamann [@GTMayne]


If you put every hot artist in Houston on one track, this would probably be it. Following the success of “Houston Rock It” featuring Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz and Emu, GT Mayne (of Houston’s 97.9 The Box) in conjunction with So South Distribution drops “Every Time” featuring the veterans of club music — Beat King, Sauce Walka and Sosamann. Download “Every Time” on iTunes:

#NewMusic | A.I.T. & Savvy Sossa “Henny & Juice” (Audio) [@Ait818, @SavvySossa]


Hood Hustlers Ent signees come with a certified “West Coast” hit entitled “Henny x Juice” off their upcoming mixtape “Pomona 2 NoHo”. Taking a page out of West Coast legends, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, “Gin & Juice” A.I.T and Savvy both delivered dope verses. This song is sure to be a club banger and ear pleaser.

Norman Dean Goes 1on1 With @VeeAye4prez #LIVEonThePrezShow [@RealNormanDean]

Norman Dean is an up and coming Pittsburgh hip-hop artist. He has a strong following and a growing musical catalog. Norman Dean is set to hit the road for SXSW this March. Before heading out he set down with us to detail his story. Follow: @RealNormanDean |

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ $8.6M Thursday Night Preview Racks Up Records


Universal Focus Features’ Fifty Shades of Grey kicked off its release at 2,830 engagements last night, racking up the second highest Thursday night preview ever with $8.6M. The record holder for an R-rated preview belongs to Warner Bros. The Hangover 2 which made $10.4M in midnight previews before its Memorial Day weekend 2011 release.  Fifty Shades is also Universal’s highest grossing late night show ever, beating 2013’s Fast & Furious 6 which made $6.5M, and it’s also the highest late night showing in history for a film in February. Other high grossing R-rated Thursday night previews include 2010’s Paranormal Activity 2 ($6.3M) and March 2009’s Watchmen ($4.6M).  Today, Fifty Shades of Grey expands to 3,645 theaters including 75 IMAX hubs. Universal is expecting a four-day of $50M, however, many distrib sources believe the E.L. James adaptation has the potential to clear $60M.

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LeBron James Reveals He Won’t Let His Sons Play Outside With Toy Guns (DETAILS)

Global Grind

LeBron James Receives 4th MVP AwardAll-Star Weekend has the sports world buzzing with excitement, but Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James‘ latest interview is hitting a more serious note and revealing that, even as a star player, he’s concerned about the precautions his black sons have to take to avoid becoming victims of police brutality.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, James touched on the Ohio police shooting that left 12-year-old Tamir Rice dead last November — an event that resonates with the 30-year-old father of two. When asked if he’s had the “talk” with his sons, LeBron said:

“I have those conversations with my boys. They have tons of play guns. None of them look real. We have Nerf guns that are lime green and purple and yellow,” he says. “But I don’t even let them take them out of the house.”

Tamir was playing at a park with a toy gun when he…

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Rap-A-Lot CEO Defends Drake, Threatens Diddy & Suge Knight [AUDIO]

The Urban Daily


In an odd twist to the ongoing saga between Diddy/Drake/Suge Knight/Birdman and Lil Wayne, Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince decided to weigh in on the situation. And although the tone and level of verbiage used in this “courtesy call” is quite serious, you can’t help but laugh a little, as it begins like that of a classic R&B record. Think, “Knockin The Boots” by H-Town. With Prince being a Houston native, it makes this all the more comedic. Listen in.

So what exactly is J. Prince talking about, you may ask. This all goes back to 2007 when the Texas OG’s company, Young Empire Music Group, allegedly discovered Drake on Myspace. The Toronto MC was then “signed” to the label, but instead a deal was struck with Cash Money that would net Prince’s group 22% of Drizzy’s advances along with additional profits. According…

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Video: Lil Snupe “Y’all Aint”

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.32.09 PM

A new Lil Snupe visual has surfaced. Thanks to Lil Deezyana and C’Nyle, a video for ‘Y’all Ain’t’ has dropped. The track is featured on the posthumous RNIC 2 (Jonesboro) album, which droppedt this week. The track reps Jonesboro, LA where the late Snupe grew up in, talking about why it’s a place most don’t want to go.

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EP: Young Buck – Before The Beast


Ahead of G-Unit’s The Beast Is G-Unit EP drops, Young Buck drops his EP titled Before The Beast hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. The project comes with 7 records and contributions from Boosie Badazz, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd. Drumma Boy, Sonny Digital and more. 

Tracklist and Download link below.

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