JKJ & Norman Dean Share Insight On Their Development [INTERVIEW] (@JKJ412, @RealNormanDean)

JKJ gives us some insight on how he developed his sound. Norman Dean talks about the evolution of Team Epic Studios and a joint mixtpae in the works with Team Epic’s SpaceJam Jiff.

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#Support | The Prezsuit Of Dopeness Indiegogo Fundraiser #CrowdFunding #Tour #Festival


Photo Credit: @KeepPittsburghDope

The Prez Show is a platform used to showcase underground and indie musicians across the nation. The Prez Show was created in the Summer of 2012 by Michael “VeeAye” Crandle II. We created the platform to bring awareness to up and coming hip-hop artists.

Today marks the beginning of the 60-day fundraising campaign via Indiegogo. We are attempting to convert a school bus into a full-fledge Tour bus and documenting our music travels. We value your time and want to give you first dibs on checking out the Campaign Perks. The link is LIVE, Click Here to Contribute & Share.

Every time you share you are donating essentially. Word of mouth as well talking to people about the campaign is another great way. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud: @ThePrezShow. If you are a copy & paste professional you can use the sample FaceBook post/Tweet to get the show started:

“Join Me in supporting @ThePrezShow in converting a School Bus into a Tour Bus!! #ThePrezsuitOfDopeness.”

If you want to join us in the campaign contact us at [theprezshow@gmail.com]. Thank you for your time!

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